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It’s Coming… brrrrrrrr!

On a gloriously warm October day I had a conversation at our Golf Club
with a fellow member.” I dread winter coming,” said she.”Why?” I asked. “I
just hate it’” she said.
Well, for those who know me well you won’t be surprised that I went in to
lecture mode. Now you see, I am not madly in love at all with winter either.
But I have lived long enough to know that if I say something often enough
it becomes a reality, for me anyway. I have learned that the hard way.
Long before we moved for two years to Saudi Arabia I said, ”I can’t do it, I
will hate it,” and for me truer words were never spoken. I said it so often in
a two year period and indeed it was the reality. I learned big time what
negative thinking and attitude can do. I vowed I would never do that to
myself and my loved ones again. So at times I am a Pollyanna for sure.
I just won’t get into the, ”I hate winter” conversation!
Instead I tell myself all the things I love about winter. And there are so
It can be so beautiful on a clear and sunny day – fresh snow and all.
I love my home and being in it, with good music playing, the fireplace on
and a good book waiting for me. I love being cozy and appreciate that in
our homes we can be that.
I loved to Cross Country Ski and enjoyed the feeling on a freezing cold day
of being out there having fun. And feeling warm because I had exercised. I
love the feel of icy cold air on my face when the rest of me is warmly
dressed. (I just read that to David and he is still laughing – and shaking his
head and rolling his eyes!)
It is a wonderful time to entertain friends at home. It is a good time to
catch up on movies. It is a good time of year to take special interest
courses, go to the theatre. David and I have Scrabble contests. He charts
our results – we are pretty competitive with each other (he usually wins). I
love December. I love Christmas music – good Christmas music (not Jingle
Bells!) I like change and when we lived in Saudi and there were no seasons
I thought of so many ways our lives in a four season country are so rich
and so textured. Our social lives change with the seasons, our clothes
change, our activities change, our diets change and change is stimulating.
Well that’s the end of my Winter Rant!
Seriously though, we do have to prepare our homes for winter. We should
have the heating system serviced every year. The chimney should be
cleaned if you use wood in the fireplace .The outside taps should be turned
off. The garden furniture should be washed and cleaned and stored. An
emergency kit should contain batteries, candles, matches, transistor radio,
water, flashlights, some canned foods and some supplies to last a few days
(remember the ice Storm? Who can ever forget?) Assure that smoke
detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. It
doesn’t hurt to have an evacuation plan in place should you for whatever
reason have to escape your house. Get your snow tires on and make sure
you have windshield cleaning brushes handy in the car. And most of all plan
to do some fun activities both inside and outside this winter!
John and Margo,
David and Mary
The Lindsays

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