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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy new Year Everyone !
We hope that you had a good and safe holiday wherever you were and that all the weather related disruptions didnít spoil too much of your vacation. We were very lucky in Ottawa! The weather was a non-news story (actually that in itself is a news story!)
We are excited because Johnís wife Margo is going to join The Lindsays! And now we will be Mary, David, John and Margo Lindsay.
Margo brings a great dynamic to the table. Margo is very grounded, very conscientious, hard working, kind and an exceptionally good listener. Everyone likes Margo.
Margo has been home raising Heather and Abi, and what a wonderful job she has done! During those years she perfected the art of baking. Equally as well known as the Real Estate Lindsays, is Margo, the baking Lindsay. The majority of people are worried that Margo wonít have the time to bake anymore. I predict that when Margo gets going in her new role as a salesperson, she wonít have much time to bake or do much else and continue to look after John, Heather, Abi and Skippy, her very loved dog! She will be a very busy lady.
We are just back after the holiday so it is a little early to make market predictions. I expect that the spring market will be busy and strong. People continue to do all the things people do. They get born, they die, they get jobs, they lose jobs, they retire, they get relocated, they marry, they divorce, they inherit, they win the lottery (what fun for all the Bell Canada people in Toronto who won $50,000,000).
If you are thinking of doing some spruce ups this spring, remember to buff up your Curb Appeal. Look at your roof, any curling shingles? Is the paint peeling anywhere? Is your mailbox in good condition? How do your window treatments look from the street? What about your steps and your walkway? Remember: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
We are never too busy to look after the referrals of your friends and family, we greatly appreciate and respect your confidence in The Lindsays. Happy New Year!

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