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Me and the Techies

When I first began my career in real estate, in 1984, I would head out in the
morning armed with lots of quarters for the pay phones. I knew where the
pay phones were all over town. The trick was finding parking places so I could
use them. We had clunky pagers attached to our belt and they made a beep
beep sound alerting us to call the office and find out who wanted what. The
buyer of course did not have the internet so would usually be calling from a
sign. There was no call display so it would be “Fred’ or “Barb”. They didn’t
want us to “bother” them.

In those days the agents all knew one another across the city. We physically
delivered offers to offices and chatted in person with the agent. We delivered
counter offers after we went to the client’s home to get the counter offer.
Now we text message, send offers by email, even when the agent is just
around the corner. Think about it. We use to be able to read a person’s
expression when they said,” I will not pay a cent more.” I could tell by their
face if they meant that. Or if the agent said ,” My people will not go down
another dollar.” And knowing the agents personally I knew who I could trust
when they said, “That’s it.”

Now we don’t know the players at all. It is so very different. The skills
required are different. It isn’t better, nor is it worse, it is just the way it is. Is it
easier? Perhaps in some ways it is, but in others it isn’t.

I use to feel tied to the office. Not anymore. I actually sold a house one time
on a river cruise, sailing down the Danube River! I have sold many houses
from Maine. Sold them from Montreal, Toronto, Naples etc etc. But I still like to
physically see an expression of joy on a buyer’s face or a seller’s face. Nothing
can beat that.

Thank you for reading. Till next time….

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