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In my last newsletter, I left you with this: Although I do realize the world has changed, buyers and sellers have changed, housing and realty have changed... Home hasn't changed: it is still the place where stories begin. That is why I love what I do and have had the good fortune to do it for so long.

What I first meant was that the job use to be a lot easier. The buyer would tell me what, in a perfect world, they were looking for in a house. I would spend a few hours searching the market and then go preview the homes and finally choose 10 or 12 of the best in their price point, location desired, and meeting their wants and needs.

Off we would go looking together at the best of what was on the market for them. It was unusual to show more than 12 homes. I knew the inventory. I also knew that even if a house appeared to be perfect there may be issues affecting value. For example, an empty lot behind the house may look like a great spot for the kids to play, no neighbours peering in to your yard. But, who owns that property and what is the long term plan for that land? What are the schools in the area and do they have the programs required by your child? Have there been any issues with that particular builder? Or with that particular house?

Sometimes I marvel at how much information I have accumulated over so many years. On average I would sell at least 50 homes a year—one a week, often more. Over 29 years of looking at houses, listing houses and selling homes to buyers that’s a lot of houses I have visited and researched. I find I haven’t forgotten very many of them.

Then along came the access to all the information available to the public. You may think that has made our job easier. The buyer thinks it has because they search MLS feverishly. They want to see such and such an address, you try to tell them why that might not work for them. But, they want to see it anyway. So off you go, show the houses they picked and then they are disappointed because they aren’t going to work. It would be so much easier to just say, “Please let me do the job you hired me to do,” but that doesn’t work either.

On the other hand all of the technology has helped in countless ways to make our job less stressful. Cell phones, Electronic lock boxes (no more frozen fingers fumbling with a metal box frozen to an iron rail), all forms are computerized, photography is very sophisticated. The data is so much easier to gather. But in the end it still comes down to the same old thing. It is my job to find just the right house in just the right location with just the right features and at just the right price. And I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to find HOME for so many special families.

I would love to know your stories and wonder if you would take a few minutes to tell me what home means to you and any stories you may have about HOME.

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