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This is a happy April for us. We celebrate 50 years of marriage this month !! I can recall when I was a kid and someone would be having their 50th anniversary they
seemed really old, and not only that, one wondered how could you possibly live with someone for 50 years. I suppose if David or I really thought about it all, we too
might well wonder.

But day after day, year after year, problem after problem ,happy time after happy time one just moves forward and tries not to spend too much time looking back. But if
we do look back, we have been very blessed. We have three amazingly fine offspring, Kathy , Mary and John. They have very fine mates themselves, Jeff McVeigh, Chris
Taggart and Margo Beamish. The McVeighs have Conor, Megan and Ali. The Taggarts have Danial, Olivia, Teddy and Riley. The Lindsays have Heather and Abi. I know
everyone thinks their Grandchildren are special, but these 9 people really are! We are so very fortunate and we know that. We all share a strong sense of fun and I
think that is the dominating factor of our family life.

David was transferred with Bell Canada, many many times. One year (1965) we lived in London Ontario in May. We were moved to Toronto in June and we were only
there 3 weeks when David was again transferred to Montreal. And after that many more rounds of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Riyadh Saudi Arabia and then finally
back to Ottawa in 1984. As much as I honestly hated being transferred it was very good for us all in many ways. I think we are all pretty flexible. New social situations
are not very daunting for any of us. David and I had to depend on each other perhaps more than couples who were comfortable in their community. Our community was
the 5 of us wherever we went. The kids think of Ottawa as home. And now I suppose David and I do as well.

A funny thing “home”. When I left Saudi for the final time, I was alone on a flight back to Canada. The pilot came on the intercom and said,” Our first sighting of Canada
today if you look out is Halifax, we have a break in the clouds.” Tears rolled down my face, tears of pure joy. The man sitting beside me said,” I guess I know where you
are from, Halifax”. “No,” I said,” I have never been there. Canada is my home and I have been away 2 years.” (Except for visits). For so many years home was hard to
define for us. But Home for me is with David and our offspring of 15 wonderful people.

Indeed it is a Happy April for us.

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