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December Thoughts

I am almost embarrassed to say that I do love the month of December. I
know many dread the whole month and all that goes with it. Not me.
I love Christmas. I love the music, I have 418 pieces of Christmas music on
my playlist. And all month that is all I play, and I don’t even think “Jingle
Bells” or “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus” are included in my choices. I
love the memories of Christmas in my hometown, Peterborough. It goes
without saying that times were so much simpler then. I was always in the
.junior church choir (and I can’t sing at all) but to wear the crisp white choir
gowns with the big red bow at the neck was the best!! The candlelight
service at George Street United was wonderful. We had pageants at church
and at school, and I got to be Mary many times - that was special too. Once
our choir went to CHEX radio station to sing and we were live on the radio!
Walking home that night we thought we were headed for Broadway!
My Mother didn’t really like Christmas, my Dad loved it. Mom grew up on a
farm in Garden Hill, just north of Port Hope. She was the youngest of six
children, and they weren’t really poor (as we called it) but there wasn’t
much to spare. Maybe she got new hand knit mittens. She always had a
hard time buying gifts of things we wanted as opposed to things we
needed. But still my sister and I loved every minute of it.
By 10 a.m. on Christmas morning my Mom would make us take our stuff
upstairs so she could vacuum!!!! She spent the day cooking our wonderful
dinner and always we would have Aunts and Uncles etc. to share the day
with. Our Christmas was not at all about stuff - how times have changed. I
even loved my stocking, but again Mom was practical: tooth paste , a new
tooth brush, Lifesaver Books (now that was a treat - honestly!) I think I
loved that my Dad was home for a few days, the fireplace was always
burning, we did jigsaw puzzles, played outside endlessly making snow
angels and building snow forts. My Dad made a rink in our back yard and
both Judy and I loved to skate. And again music was a big part of our day.
When the Queen delivered her Christmas Message we all would gather to
watch our young Queen. That was very much a tradition of our generation.
My friend Miranda Davies had a party every year between Christmas and
New Years. It would include a sleigh ride .We would be taken out to the
country for this ride and then back to Miranda's house for a game of Murder
in the Dark. Miranda’s father was Robertson Davies. He was indeed
different from all of our Father’s but my memory of Mr. Davies was of a
kindly gentleman. That party every year was such a treat.
Our 9 Grandchildren all live in Ottawa and so our day centres around the
family of Kathy and Jeff. Meg home from Ryerson, Conor at Algonquin, Ali
second year at Carleton in Ottawa. Mary and Chris with their four, Danial
(now a CA with KPMG in Toronto), Olivia last year at Queens, Teddy first
year at Queens and Riley in Grade 9. John and Margo, Heather grade
11(our basketball star voted MVP in the All Star game this week!) and Abe
in grade 9. I must tell you that these 15 people are such an exceptional
bunch in so many ways. David and I are very blessed and every day we
give thanks for our family. We celebrate our 50th Anniversary this coming
April. Now that is hard to believe!! We are often asked when we are going
to retire and start having fun - honestly we do have a lot of fun and our
days at Royal Lepage Team Realty, with John and Margo working along side
and able to handle whatever comes up when we are away . We achieved
our company’s highest award for performance for 2011.We are most
We wish you a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah and a very healthy
happy New Year.
Till next time,

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