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Monday, June 6th 2011
It has been a long time since I have written a newsletter. I am not sure
what that is all about. I think with tweeting and facebooking and email and
Blackberry messaging etc etc, news has a whole different meaning. News is
only news for a brief moment, so perhaps this isn’t really a newsletter at
all... oh well.
I like analogies. I read a good one re “facebooking”. A fellow joined an
expensive golf club “to improve his business”. He was going to play every
Tuesday afternoon. Twenty years later he still golfed on Tuesday
afternoon, but he had no business from that outing in twenty years. If you
like golfing, golf, if you like “facebooking”, Facebook but know it is doubtful
your business will expand from it, do it because you like it. And the article
goes on to say “Let’s not pretend it is the highest and best use of your
time”. For the most part I feel this is true of all these new means of
communicating. However I do recall in the early days of my real estate
career driving around with pockets full of quarters looking for pay phones. I
am grateful those days are past.
Now one doesn’t have to remain behind a desk and glued to an office
phone to do business and that is progress. I am not sure I would still be in
the business except for all of these wonderful communicating advances
that make it possible to “have a life” in real estate.
The spring market
The market has been somewhat sluggish this spring. People always ask
why, and that isn’t an easy one to answer. In Ottawa when there is a
Federal election, things become uncertain for a while. Interestingly the very
week after the election was over we got busy. The economic news from
The U.S. doesn’t help us either.
We sell homes in the older treed established neighbourhoods,
neighbourhoods that are deemed “walk about” areas. These areas are
highly in demand. The houses are older. They were mainly built in the
1920s, 30s 40s. We have galvanized pipes, asbestos often, ungrounded
wiring, some plaster cracks and some foundation cracks and even
basements that have the odd trickle of water. After the poor younger
buyers have listened to a home inspector for about 3 hours
they often just feel sick!!! The inspector is not there to tell you what a
pretty house this is, or what a great street where kids still play ball hockey,
or where people sit out on their verandas and chat to those walking up
and down. That’s not the job of the inspector. It is his job to tell them
everything that is wrong so that the buyer can prioritize things that must
be attended to. Too often these days the younger buyer will decide they
just can’t handle an older home, but they want the area and all that goes
with it. That makes the market a little tough this year and last year as well.
I have to remind myself many of these buyers have been born since 1975.
This stuff is all very daunting to them.
Tips for sellers
I am telling our sellers to have their own inspection before they put their
home on the market so that hopefully the main areas of difficulty will be
identified before the house is exposed to the market. Then they can choose
to correct or price their home to reflect these items that need attention.
Royal Lepage identifies the top 10 things Sellers need to do before
exposing to the market
1) Attend to curb appeal –gardens, mailbox, clean and groomed pathway
2) Fresh paint jobs wherever needed
3) Clean, clean and declutter—inside and outside—wash all windows
4) Repair any exterior roof damage, shutters, siding
5) Are your bathrooms or your kitchen in need of updating? There may be
some inexpensive things you can do. You can paint the cabinets, add new
counters, update appliances if needed.
6) Fresh flowers and fresh fruit go a long way to making a home feel and
smell clean and warm.
7) If it is summer create a nice sitting area, maybe some new garden
furniture and potted plants.
8) Reseal the driveway if it is needed and on the same note clean all the
tops of furnace and water heater and other basement pipes-just looks
9) They tell you to depersonalize your home-but there is a happy medium
to creating an environment that doesn’t look so sterile( as some can)
I say get rid of all those pictures of the kids with pony tails and braces and
missing teeth and bedhead etc. If you have a few tasteful photos, by all
means keep them out. I like to see a few books around a house, I sort of
wonder what people do if there is nothing to read (and yes, I know, we
even have e-readers ourselves, and use them, but we still have lots of
books). Some editing is indeed in order however. Don’t leave relationship
type books on your bedside table – or worse kind of books, it is easy to
see the motivation for selling when the bedside table is loaded up with
gloom and doom financial books as well as relationship recovery guides.
10) Again — DECLUTTER Donate excess stuff, have a garage sale. I tell our
sellers, “You are moving anyway, look at each item and ask yourself if you
really want to unpack the item, if not get rid of it.”
So that is all we have to say,
Margo is doing well and enjoying her new career. John is happy to have her
We wish you all a safe and healthy summer. Talk to you in the fall, but if
you or any of your friends, family or neighbours have real estate needs
please contact THE LINDSAYS. We greatly appreciate and respect your
business and your loyalty to us.

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