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A Wonderful Country and A Beautiful City

Hi Everyone,
Yesterday John and I attended a seminar conducted by a man from San Diego, Brian Buffini. Brian came to the United States from Ireland when he was 18. He became an extremely successful realtor in California and eventually opened a company, Buffini and Company – a real estate coaching and motivational organization.
He tells a funny story of being 18 and going to California because that’s where he thought he could make his fortune. He met a fellow and after chatting a bit discovered the fellow was a realtor and his shiny card said he was in the “Million Dollar Club”. Brian thought that he had met, on his first day in California, his first real millionaire!! He was so excited.
The fellow said Brian too could be a realtor and before long be a “Million Dollar” club member. A realtor he became, and soon discovered that “Million Dollar Club” meant selling $ 1,000,000 worth of real estate.
I first went to a session of Brian’s in St. Johns Newfoundland. Throughout my 27 years I have attended many of these kinds of programs. One always picks up a new way of looking at things, or one is reminded of things one should do, or one just needs a nudge... He is a pragmatic and very positive upbeat fellow and with a multitude of very funny stories as told only the way an Irishman can tell.
On our way to the seminar we drove by the Cenotaph, with the Parliament Buildings behind, The Chateau Laurier ahead, sun shining, hints of colour still on the trees and I said to John, “We are so blessed to live in this beautiful city.”
John has just returned from a trip with Margo to Prague, and he reminded me of its’ beauty. Well, Buffini began his 4 hour talk by saying it was his first time in Ottawa and what a magnificent city we live in. He went on to talk about how fortunate we are in Canada with our Government’s policies that have allowed our country to not slip into the depths of the financial difficulty we see in the US. He talked about factors influencing our market in years to come.
The life expectancy for Canadians is now 77 years, up considerably. He said 40% of our market are first time buyers. He also said that 42% of Canadians do not have children and so, generally have a higher disposable income. He said that of the 35,000,000 Canadians, 9.2 million are Echo Boomers - 18 yrs to 31 yrs.
These kinds of stats* are important to realtors so we can anticipate the needs of buyers and the situation of sellers. He felt that Canada itself was in for slow but steady growth. All of this bodes well for the consumer of real estate.
One more interesting thought he passed along was to attend to what we “Watch, Read, and Listen to”. He said, and I agree, that it is interesting to see the reading material, or lack of reading material in homes. Sometimes I have to remind people to not have their “relationship” books, or “bankruptcy books” on their night table. Too much information for the prospective buyer to make assumptions, by unveiling the motivation to sell. He talked about the mindless radio stations we listen to in the car. He talked about TV. Fine and good to watch favourite programs, but when they are finished don’t sit and channel surf for the next half hour. (I am known to do that!!).
...lt was all good food for thought and for action. After a wonderfully long sunny summer it is good to recharge the batteries. We look forward to a strong and solid 2011 in the real estate world. We pride ourselves on exceptional service before and after the sale….
And by the way we are never too busy for the referrals of your family and friends. A very high volume of our clients are referred by our past and present clients. It is an honour to be referred and we do our utmost to provide exceptional service.
Till the next time,
*The stats quoted in this article are not verified

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