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Well sort of, spring is in the air!
Haven't the Olympics just been the most wonderful way to pass February, everyday looking forward to an evening with all of those wildly enthusiastic Canadians and all the visitors from all over the world? Our athletes have given us a great look at the resilience and determination of our young people. Will we ever forget the example of Joannie Rochette skating her heart out after the sudden death of her Mother? I canít even imagine.
I love the faces of the athletes involved in snow boarding and all of its categories, so happy and having so much fun doing their very best. When I turn on the TV and see the red and white from one end of the screen to the other, I just get goose bumps all over.
In Ottawa we have had our annual Winterlude Festival. I am enclosing some photos taken by our photographer, Vicky Elias (she does the houses you see on our website for us-sheís great!). Vicky took photos at the fireworks event and they really are amazing.
The market is very hot in certain pockets of the city this spring. Westboro, Wellington Village, The Glebe, Civic Hospital Area - all walkable neighbourhoods. On one house there were 19 offers!!! That is just plain hard on everyone. The buyers then have to remember there are still 18 people all looking for the same thing. It isnít fun when this happens and hard to control.
We all take a great deal of time pricing a property based on all of the information available to us. It would seem irresponsible to price them where these properties have been selling, and yet we will have to ask ourselves if this is indeed market value, or a blip. In some cases the selling prices have been 50k over asking! Many people ask why we give a property a few days before we will entertain offers. We do this when we think there will be more than one buyer for a property. And where we are not exactly sure of the value. This allows the buyer to have an inspection, talk to their Mortgage Broker or bank, bring their family, bring their contractor, talk to their lawyer and then make their best offer. I advise our buyers to make sure that they offer their best price, as they probably wonít have a second chance to offer. I want be assured that when the house does sell that in a week they donít come back and say, "We would have paid that." And of course by then it is too late, we also want to be assured that they don't feel they paid too much should they get the property in the bidding process. It is emotionally a stressful process for all concerned.
We do not establish market value. We are the messengers and negotiators throughout the process. It is our job to know and understand the implications of social and economic events and be able to translate these factors to market value. And these factors can change very quickly.

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