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It is that time of year. I don’t know about you, but I love best the lead up to Christmas. I almost dread the actual day, because then it is over for another whole year. I love Christmas music and find myself even playing it throughout the year from time to time ( not Jingle Bells ) but “Once in Royal David’s City “, “O Holy Night “, “Ave Maria” all versions etc etc.
Funny, I don’t really like the shopping that much, nor do I like baking but I like the way people tend to treat one another, a little more carefully and kindly for a few days before Christmas. I use to like the shopping( I love shopping in general, don’t misunderstand here!) but David is an exceptional Christmas shopper .We have 17 immediate family members and he buys for each and everyone himself .They all love whatever he buys and often it is their favourite present. So whatever I do is pretty insignificant-often it is something functional and no one really likes functional for Christmas.
My Mother could never really get over growing up on a farm through the lean years and so bought us things like new pyjamas and slippers and maybe a new skirt and sweater (which I use to manage to wear the odd time before Christmas) and she wouldn’t even notice!!(And she was a very attentive Mother actually). So, I have a hard time buying things of little use ( I seem to manage to buy myself lots of useless things though-hmmm..)
I like the general slowing down, even for a few days .I love being together with all the kids on Christmas day, going from house to house .We are so very lucky, our kids all live in Ottawa. Some are now away at school but home for Christmas. They all truly love one another and there seems not to be a retiring personality in the group so all get along so well and no one ends up with hurt feelings.
I love to think back on Christmas’ of our youth .One very memorable Christmas my family spent with our dear friends and neighbours .My Father never found my friend Dani and I to be as funny as we thought we were .So when Dani’s Mother brought in the flaming Christmas pudding and Dani and I started to sing “Happy Birthday Dear Jesus”-my Father said, “Get out!”. He meant right out of the house-well, “Where are we suppose to go?” I asked-you can imagine the hush around the table .He said he didn’t care where we went as long as it was away .So off we went visiting all sorts of friends at their homes Christmas evening. We had a wonderful time and still all these years later Dani and I remember that Christmas with great amusement. (My Father was not amused!)
This week we had a lovely surprise. I never really know how we are doing as the year goes along-we just keep working and doing what we do. There are 14,000 Royal LePage sales agents across Canada and we were informed that we were # 92 in Canada-well within the top 1% of sales reps across the land. We are very fortunate John, David and I to have so many loyal and faithful clients and new clients as we go along. We would like to thank all of you who kindly mention our name to your friends and neighbours and colleagues and helped us to achieve this level of success. The scary thing is, another year soon starts and we have to try to do it all over again. It has been fun adding Grandson Conor to our little team .He is a big help in so many ways-lately out delivering calendars and note pads in minus 20 degrees.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010. Sometimes some of the best Christmas memories come from the strangest events.
Sincerely, Mary Lindsay for John, David and Conor as well.

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