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It is late November and wouldn’t it be grand if the weather just stayed like this? Everyday is a bonus. We stay home all winter and we find it best to just not have any weather discussions from now till March. I honestly do enjoy the fireplace, reading, watching series like The Mad Men (our current watch) and just plain being home at the end of a winter day.
We had a wonderful trip this fall. We took our second river cruise (the first was from Budapest to Prague). This time we spent a few days in Paris, then to Brussels (where I had my wallet stolen in a train station). Actually, it was amazing, with our Blackberrys in full “go” mode all credit cards were cancelled within 20 minutes. My challenge then became how to spend money I no longer had access to - David may actually have arranged that robbery come to think of it hmm. We took the train from Brussels to Zurich and then on to Basel where we boarded a River Boat to sail up the Rhine.
We had driven along the Rhine many years ago when the kids were younger and my memory was mostly of the area through the
Rhine Gorge, which is really spectacular and fun to see from the river. We love the comfort of river boats, the small number of passengers, excellent food, frequent stops and generally, very restful. We found the Rhine, at times, to feel like we were on the 401- a very busy river with boats coming and going and passing almost close enough to touch at times. We ended the cruise in Amsterdam. I have been there, but not for many years.
We loved our 4 days in Holland the best. It is so easy to hop a train and go to another city, or town, for lunch. The people are so very friendly and easy. For sure, we will go back there. It is amazing to see the thousands of bikes on the streets of
Amsterdam. I love their good old fashioned bikes, much like my old CCM, where you sit up tall and straight and can actually see things! It was a lovely trip and we came home very refreshed.
The Ottawa market was off to a slow start in 2009, but once it started to move it really was a strong healthy year. We are so lucky with our real estate market in Ottawa it is a very steady market often when others are struggling, the perfect houses continue to be the ones that move quickly and for top dollar .This is a trend that only grows stronger and will continue to do so as people seem even busier than ever and truly have no time to think about renovation.
Speaking of renovations remember, I told you we were having our bathroom renovated oh my, today the new counters and sink etc went in our powder room I keep saying, “While you are here…” and so it goes. We should really be just about finished with this now. Sad thing is, when we go to sell one day, it will all need to be done again and some young agent will tell me, “You really need a new kitchen and new bathrooms!!” And I will smile sweetly and say,”Oh really now”.”
We are now three generations in our Lindsay Team office. Conor McVeigh (our second oldest grandson) has started to work part time for us. Conor is a hockey player, and a very good one at that! He is taking a little break from his studies. We love having him and he has a wonderful work ethic so maybe he can keep us in line.
Until next time, happy shopping and baking etc, Mary Lindsay

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