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Summer Greetings

We have just returned from our annual trek to Maine. We started to go to Ocean Park, Maine in 1976. Our kids were young, we stayed a month, and we have been going ever since .The owner of our cottage has three cottages and we have been staying in one of those from the beginning.
Ocean Park is the most extraordinary kind of place. It was started by a group of Baptist clergy from the Boston area , in the 1880s, as a retreat area by the ocean. The beach is exceptional. In the beginning the focus of town life was deeply religious and a strong element still exists. There is a beautiful octagonal shaped Temple in the centre of the town and the services are always extremely well attended, some Sundays 800 people attend. The choir is excellent, including a bell choir .Each Sunday a visiting clergy person speaks. I have heard the Dean of Theology from Harvard, Yale and our own Queenís University. I wish so much that I could find a church to attend, like the Temple in Ocean Park. The message is always uplifting, the tone is very much non denominational, and the entire experience is uplifting.
As a result of The Temple and its influence, one cannot purchase cigarettes or spirits of any kind in the town. When we first began to summer there if you were caught with liquor, wine or beer your chances of a return visit were nil. It was funny to watch people take their empties, carefully wrapped, to hide in the garbage bins on the beach.
But the result of all of this, is a town where kids can play the way we once were able to play way back when, where families come summer after summer and generation after generation. Where it is not unusual at all to have people tell you their Grandparents and Great Grandparents and parents met in Ocean Park, Maine. Our Son in Law and Daughter Chris and Mary own a house across the street from where we have rented for 30+ years. Even though we live up the street from Chris and Mary and their 4 kids in Ottawa , we donít have the time with everyoneís busy lives to visit as we do in Maine. The kids come over with their friends and sit with us on the old screened porch ,and I truly feel like a Grandma in that situation.
Our cottage was built in 1920, we only recently have a phone and a TV, and now we have wireless service. I am not even sure I like those advances .The beds arenít as comfy at all as home, our shower is on the back porch ! And yet we have the best sleeps. The weather this summer was truly awful, for a few days I tried to say that I love the misty rain and fog at the seashore, but after the first week that wore a little thin. The thing we did notice this summer was the absence of Canadian licence plates! The majority of shops had signs advertising 60% 50% and even 80% off the lowest ticket prices. The recession is very much felt there.
The real estate market in Ottawa has been very strong. We are so fortunate in this city. We arenít recession proof for sure, but we do seem to survive bad economic times more easily. June was one of the busiest months we have ever had. The trend toward perfect properties selling quickly and easily continues. Dated homes have a problem. We try very hard with all of our listings to see that they are in pristine condition when the hit the market. On that note we are renovating our main bathroom at home .Oh my!! That is a big job and taking a whole lot longer than I ever imagined. The new bathroom will have radiant heating in the floors and several other luxury touches, and the hard part of it all is that is the bathroom David uses!!
I hope you have found a sunny peaceful spot for your summer vacation and if you are in the middle of renovations may they be going well.
Happy Holidays,
Mary Lindsay

PS : Every couple of years we feel the need to update our photos. I would love to continue to use those of 15 years ago-but it is frowned upon.
Although I must say I do see that -a bit shocking when you meet the actual person and the resemblance is remote. Well the photographer told us to "Lighten up Lindsay's"-with that John grabbed us around the neck and lighten up we did.
I wish we could use that picture, but I guess the wrong message may be sent, but it does appear that John can get the job done! And he can.

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