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Long Overdo

It is funny, but I just couldn’t seem to get a newsletter written so far this year. I don’t really like bad news .My Mother just plain didn’t “do” bad news. If ever I embarked on a dreary tale, she would just glaze over, or change the subject-I think the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I didn’t really like the news in December and onward. It was really glum!
But it did cause me to think about the “value” in one’s home. Usually when asked, “What is the current value of our home?” I know people are referring to the monetary value .But I have been thinking about the real value of a home. Of course a home is shelter, and to Canadians that is pretty important. Shelter from the weather, but also shelter from whatever is going on in our lives. How often on a bad day do we say, “I can’t wait to get home”? Even on a good day, we often can’t wait to get home. Home is our castle, our sanctuary, our buttress. “Home is where the heart is” “Home is where it starts” I could go on and on with the Hallmark sentiments. But for most of us Home is a very important place, it is the place we feel safe from judgment, it is the place where our loved ones dwell. It is the place where family and friends get together in good times and difficult time’s .It is the place where we create our own mark, no two homes are ever the same even if they are the identical model. I can tell so much about the people within by their decorating, their “stuff”, their books, or their lack of books, their hobbies, or lack of .I like the personality of a home .I have a little trouble with “Staged” homes-often they strip the place of character. Of course there is a happy medium. I have seen the odd house with way too much character and that isn’t good either, for resale.
For the most part real estate in Ottawa is coming through these difficult times relatively unscathed. We have a strong and steady employment base .We are a lifestyle choice for many young professionals. They love the Gatineau and the bike paths, the canal, and all our festivals. We are fortunate to call Ottawa Home-so rest assured the value of your home is solid and holding, but the real value lies inside.
Honestly, how do I see the ma\ret? It will be fine-we must remember that the Real Estate Market is just that, a market, very much influenced by many factors, as we have seen in the US. Markets go up and they go down. There is of course some fall out for us from the United States .There is the threat of job loss for many people, in Ottawa. Nortel is an employer and pension holder for many of our resident’s .And then there is a ripple effect from that. The banks are being much more cautious than we have previously experienced .A young man we met at an open house is desperate to find a home for his young family of three children, but he works for Nortel, and no bank will talk to him, he told us. Some older people have lost much of their savings and that is difficult .In our job we see many of the issues facing people today and not all of them are easy. My goal is in some small way to make a difficult transition a little easier. If our job was just about selling houses I would have tired of that a long time ago .I really enjoy the interaction with our clients and we seem to have the very nicest of clients imaginable. We are fortunate!
It is time for the spring clean up, the gardens to be planted, the windows to be cleaned, the winter things to be cleaned and stored away .Don’t forget about first impressions. Sweep clean the walks and paths, the porches, the driveway. Winter leaves a dusty dirty path. Wash down your front door, maybe replace the mailbox .I can tell so much from the minute I step out of my car and walk to the front door of a house. It usually tells me about the condition within.
I hope your winter was healthy and maybe you got away for a little holiday. And I am sure you look ahead to the longer brighter warmer days. Now I sign off, I can’t wait to get home!!
Happy Spring Clean Up Time , Mary Lindsay

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