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So Far, Lots of Good News Stories

2009 is shaping up to be a very interesting year for so many reasons. We have the miraculous story of the”Miracle on the Hudson”. I have remnants of a rather major fear of flying-this is exactly the scenario I have in mind whenever the plane takes off .But I can not imagine standing on the wings of a sinking plane in a river at 20 degrees below zero. This is a good news story on so many levels .Everything just worked so well, including the behavior of all the passengers. I love this story, except that they said,” Canada Geese flew in to the engines”. Oh my, good thing we are a strong confident people!!
You can imagine the most asked question we hear these days is,”How is the market?” We are off to a strong start, actually better than this time last year . And last year, we are pleased to say, we ended up in the top 3% of salespeople in Canada (14,000) agents .But the market is a bit touchy .If a house has “The Wow Factor” and is well situated it will still sell quickly and for a high price. We have been having difficulty with financing for our clients. The banks do not seem to be parting too easily with their money .I think this will all settle down as we go along in to the year, but for now it is something that adds a great deal of stress not previously experienced by our clients. I continue to recommend to clients that they have a pre listing inspection to uncover areas of concern, for the buyers, not recognized by the seller. Should there be an issue with wiring, or insulation or whatever, we suggest you make the repairs before the buyer becomes aware. What may cost you $5000, in the mind if the buyer may cost them $25,000.
Real Estate still remains a very strong investment for home owners. Remember that we have to live somewhere, we need shelter, especially in our climate! People tend not to think about their principle residence when they think of their investments, but indeed if something happened and for some reason you needed a substantial sum of money and you have allowed equity to build in your home, the money is there .
There is a value factor for the lifestyle your home allows you and your family .We take pride in our environment and its surroundings (gardens etc). Our social life often centres on our home, for friends and family. That is why we at The Lindsays try so hard to ensure that when you buy a home, it is going to work on all levels for you.
Location is still the primary factor when choosing a home .If the location is perfect I find many missing features can be overlooked. You can add the things you want as years go by. Often today buyers want all the bells and whistles right away and are apt to forego location for a walk in closet, or a main level laundry or a media room. But when it comes time to sell the misplaced houses, the prices will not have gone up as the owner hopes.
We continue to be fortunate in Ottawa, although we have many people who work and have for many years, at Nortel. This is not a happy story .We have suffered a bus strike for many weeks in extremely cold weather .For many people in Ottawa this has been an unspeakable event ,students have not been able to get to classes, people with families in hospitals and residences throughout the city have not been able to get to them. Employment for many people has suffered. This is a dark chapter for our city . However to see people skate along the canal to school or to work reminds us we are a resilient lot for sure. And at the end of the day we have much in Ottawa to be thankful for. And your real estate investments in this city will do well for you .Certainly better than many of the blue chip stocks we depended on for so long.
Tomorrow is the inauguration of Barack Obama. David gave me for Christmas Obama’s book,” Dreams From my Father”. I am really enjoying this extremely well written account of his early years and a little insight in to the development of this remarkable young man. He gives us hope and reminds us that anything is possible if we want it badly enough and work hard enough. I highly recommend this read. Another fine read in a similar vein is Lawrence Hill’s “The Book of Negroes ”.In the United States the book is published under the name ”Someone Knows my Name”, it was not allowed to be published under its original title. Hill is a Canadian and the brother of musician Dan Hill.
We are thrilled to announce that our daughter( John's sister) Mary Taggart has been appointed to the position of Editor in Chief of “Ottawa at Home” magazine. This magazine can be purchased at book stores , newstands and is circulated through the Ottawa Citizen. Mary's first edition will be on the newstands in April. Mary will continue to contribute to our website as well .Mary is a gifted decorator and stylist. She is a fine writer as well .She has many interests to bring to the magazine and we look forward to her first edition in April.Good luck Mary!!
And so that wraps up our first newsletter of 2009.
I love your feed back and any ideas you may want to share with us. Until next time-Mary

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