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Hello Everyone,
I wonder if you are like me, I am finding this year to be full of things to talk about and watch on TV. Elections , Financial Markets and they seem to consume a good part of the programming. Indeed it has been a fascinating time.
People ask, “How is the market?” (Real estate market). We have found it to be healthy and steady. It is perhaps a more balanced market with favour leaning towards the buyers a bit. Ottawa is in a fortunate position. We never experience the highs as Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver can, but, we also do not have the lows that can sometimes follow. (Not so much in Toronto). Ottawa has a stable employment base with the Government and all the supports required to facilitate all those employees .Apparently there are a little over 100,000 employees ,not counting the Crown corporations in The National Capital Region .(the Post Office being a Crown Corporation plus several others).So we are fortunate and somewhat protected in that area. However, as always there is the threat of decentralizing some Government Departments. Wherever you live events change and we must be alert to these changes and adapt accordingly. Ottawa remains a lifestyle choice for people of all walks. The residents are very outdoor oriented through all seasons. We are lucky to have Gatineau Park as a close neighbor. The bottom line is-a well appointed, clean and fresh, clutter free house, well priced sells more easily, in any market in any conditions.
David and I visited Newfoundland in September for a Royal Lepage conference. David had been there on business a few times but I had never been. I was so pleasantly surprised. It is geographically spectacular. We were lucky to have 6 sunny and warm days. I didn’t realize that they had such dramatic coastline, cliffs, and bays. I also did not know that St John’s was sited on such a steep slope .In some ways I was reminded of San fransisco. Perhaps though the nicest thing about Newfoundland is the people.. The week we were there was the beginning of this rollercoaster stock market ride. I found myself thinking that I could take a page from their book .They seem so relaxed and generous of spirit, and even their stores reflect that shopping is not a big priority. They have no need for cross walks, although they have them .As soon as you take a step off the sidewalk they stop in all directions .They are very funny. Our waitress at the hotel had a name tag that said “Tina”, so I said,” Hi Tina” “Lovey, my name is Rachel.” She went on to tell me that whatever name tag was sitting there when they came to work in the morning is the name they put on. At the end of the week she said she wouldn’t be seeing me anymore as she was “Going cod jiggin for the weekend “. We had a wonderful trip and if you haven’t been to visit, put it on your list .It is a very special place with very special people.
The next time I write the American election will be decided. Hopefully we will see things settle a little on the finance side. When we have these upheavals I tell myself I will try to live more frugally etc etc .And on that note, I will sign off.
Mary (John and David Too)
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