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The 2008 Real Estate Market

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I wrote my last newsletter. Our website has had a revamp and that has been a bit of a distraction. When the idea for Lindsay TV was raised I am afraid I wasn’t very excited. However now I see the finished product I am very excited about it and about the possibilities it brings for the future.
LindsayTV is a great vehicle for parlaying information re mortgage changes and all other real estate related news. On the site we chat with a lawyer, a mortgage broker, contractor, home purchasers, interior decorator, caterer/ TV Food Presenter. If you have any ideas for us please let us know-we are open to ideas. We are told this is something new for real estate websites. And if you haven’t had a look at Lindsay TV you will see it at by clicking here.
It isn't as easy for us as CTV or Rogers bringing news bulletins, but that will come. This is very new for real estate websites, we are cutting edge. The reason for that is to bring visitors to our site and in so doing they will visit YOUR home, if you list with us.We feature our homes by using professional photographers  to show your home in the best possible way. 
We have invested significantly in our technology as the internet is now, by far the Number One way people shop for Real Estate and we want to showcase our products as best we can. We have invested in landing sites, Wellington Village, Elmdale School, Westboro etc etc so that when people put in Key words our names come up at or near the top and people are directed to our siteall of this is the way one markets their product and our goal is always to present the product of our clients in the latest, most professional light as possible.   
On a side note, David and I are going to New York for a weekend in August. Many of the hotels have renovated and the rooms appear sleek, minimal and a little too sophisticated. We love comfy chairs to put up our feet and read and recover our tired feet before we hit the streets againwell by looking at the pictures of the rooms I concluded that The Waldorf had the most comfy chairs.I even managed to negotiate a very good price for two nights! So I know the importance of web sites. Hope you like our new look!!
This spring we saw a sluggish start to the season. I am not sure there was a particular reason for that. A little bit of backlash from the United States mortgage problems, the distraction of a U.S election, continuous snow falls, and then of course rising fuel costs, declining stock markets. Add them together and one comes up with a skittish real estate market. Experience has taught me that the real estate market goes up, goes down, flattens and mostly recovers. It is all a cycle, just like other markets. Our Ottawa market came back to life late in the spring and has been moving nicely since then. We are lucky in Ottawa and are somewhat protected by the Federal Government and the movement in and out and up and down within the city. And then of course we have all the services required to service all the people employed by the Government. And the natural course of events for people, births, deaths, divorce, marriage, families growing and downsizing-all these events keep us very busy.
The high cost of fuel causes people to reconsider their purchase of homes at a far distance from their work place, especially if two cars and two different employment address’ are involved. City neighbourhoods have been increasing greatly in value over the past few years. More and more people are looking to “Walk-friendly neighbourhoods”. In some parts of the states I understand that they actually give a Walk Score. There is apparently a web site Walk.Score.com that provides buyers and renters with an index of the “walkability” of neighbourhoods. Curb appeal is important but neighbourhood is perhaps more important. Amenities of areas are features now listed. People want to be able to walk to the milk store and restaurants and book stores and specialty shops. It isn’t enough to just have big media rooms and walk in closets.
We are mandated as of June 23rd to ask for and document information from all of our clients. The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC )collects, analyzes and discloses financial information on suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activities .Therefore if you are asked for ID by a realtor please understand it is law and we must collect that information. I am having a hard time with that as it is not so long ago we were inundated with information about The Privacy Act and how important it is to respect the privacy of our clients. Did you think as I did on September 11, 2001 that things would never be as we had known them before? Amongst my feelings of horror was that feeling and how true it is, and how sad. We have been so fortunate in North America and in Canada .We now must all work together to be more aware.
We hope you are all enjoying a more leisurely summer and look forward to hearing from you.
Don’t forget to check out Lindsay TV. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.
Mary Lindsay

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