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New Year Resolution

Hi Everyone,
We hope you had a restful and fun Holiday Season. It is always a little exciting to begin a New Year--sort of like the first day of school. Anticipation, resolutions and hope seem to me the dominant emotions during that first week of January. For me, every year I resolve to stop eating cookies! I eat a lot of cookies, always have.
Once on my way home from school I stopped at my friend Jane's house, went to the cookie tin to find a note from her Grandmother, "Please Mary leave some for the Family". That was a long time ago and still I haven't stopped--but maybe in 2008! Hope springs eternal and that is probably why the year change is such a good time.
At this time of year people ask, "What will the market be like this year?" You would think after nearly 25 years of selling real estate I might have some insight. What I do know is that people will marry, have babies, kids will leave home to begin their own lives, kids will come back, older parents will move in, people will die, jobs will relocate, people will inherit money, people will lose money, and some lucky people will win a lottery. All of those events can trigger a move to a bigger or smaller dwelling--and that is what keeps us busy.
Undoubtedly there will be some fallout from the current mortgage situation in The United States. Fortunately we do not have so many people buying homes with no, or very little money down, our market in Ottawa is not a very volatile market. Our employment is steady, our consumers (home buyers) are well educated and conservative. Our current supply of homes in the city is very limited and this keeps the prices steady. It can still encourage multi offer situations as long as the volume of listings is low and the product is well situated and upgraded.
We continue to encourage our sellers to prepare their home for the selling market. Should you require our help in so doing please don't hesitate to call us and we will come to your house and advise. I can tell you that wallpaper continues to be a no no unless it is limited to bathrooms or small areas. There are always exceptions. One of our clients lives in a wonderful home, newly constructed and the use of grass cloth wallpaper is extensive throughout. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful homes in Ottawa.
My personal challenge continues to be (aside from the cookies!!) CLUTTER. We have too many photos, too many books, just plain too much "stuff " and I will continue to work at that. We aren't moving, but if we were I would have to step up my decluttering.
We are very pleased to have discovered we are #126 in Canada out of 14,000 Royal Lepage Agents across the country. That puts us well into the top 1% of sales reps for our company. We are # 7 for Royal LePage Team Realty in Ottawa--so we are working well together and having fun.
Our mission is to make the relocating experience as stress free emotionally and financially as possible and into the equation we try to insert a little dose of fun!!
We appreciate your referrals of our names to friends, family and clients. All our best to you in the year 2008.
Sincerely, Mary Lindsay (for John and David too)

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