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Merry Christmas Everyone

Perhaps we all have mixed feelings about this time of year. Personally I love it, but I am aware of how difficult the season is for so many people. One of the things I like is that at this time we often reflect over the past year. If it was a troubled year we have hope that with the turn of the calendar perhaps our fortunes will turn. That is so for the real estate market too. If a house has been on the market for several months it is not unusual to see it go before January 1. The owner just tires of the process and wants it gone before the New Year starts. I often think, if there is a bargain to be had in real estate it just may occur in late December. Sellers think that no one will be looking at houses in December, but you would be surprised how busy we can be. For one thing after the 25th people are home for a week or so and have the time to look at houses. There aren't many times in the year when both people are home at the same time. You would be surprised the calls I get on Christmas Eve. In the early stages of my career I would feel annoyed, but then I thought that if one is making a call to a realtor on Christmas Eve, the person must be very lonely.

Generally people are a little softer, a little more courteous as the season approaches and I wish life could stay that way. It seems to last for a few days only, but it is so nice. I love Christmas music and begin to listen to it in November. My dear friend Betty Ann listens to Christmas music all year long. She and I lived in Saudi Arabia together and it was not unusual to walk over to her villa on a day of 45 degrees and walk in to hear Pavarotti singing Oh Holy Night. We spent one Christmas in Saudi and that was very strange, but in a way very beautiful. Decorations of any kind were not allowed. The celebration of Christmas was not allowed and so the sense of commercialism was not a factor at all. Just the opposite. All of the families who remained in The Kingdom had their children over for Christmas (all high school and university age kids). Saudi Telephone of course worked on Christmas Day, but our fellows had the day off. Our phone rang throughout the day for David as his Saudi workers called to wish him a Merry Christmas. It was quite touching. Truly our gatherings that day were in true celebration of Christmas and the joy of family. Although I was quite unhappy to live there, I did like our Christmas. Extreme conditions caused it to be the truest Christmas I have had. The sky at night in the desert is brilliant with stars, a sight you would have to see to believe.

We have had a very good business year and just discovered that we are in the National Chairman's Club, representing the top 1% of Royal LePage sales people in Canada. There are 14, 000 agents for our company across the country. David, John and I seem to be a good team. We each bring something unique to the table and are very grateful for the loyalty of our clients and their referral of us to friends and family. That is where the most of our business comes, from past clients and for that I am truly thankful.
On a personal note we lost one of our dearest friends to breast cancer on September 18. Pam had endured breast cancer for five and a half years and never once in those years did she complain. And everyday she dressed and applied her makeup as only Pam could do. She was a nurse, but became a model in her 40s, she taught nursing, she was a fitness instructor, a receptionist /nurse for her husband in his busy practice, a Mother, a Grandmother, a daughter still, and a wonderful role model and friend to many, including me. Once Pam and I were walking back from shopping in North Conway, New Hampshire and she was telling me how she was teaching line dancing in one of her classes. "Oh I would love to do that," said I. Well, we were walking through a cemetery and right there she began to sing the appropriate line dance song and a lesson I had right there amongst the tombstones. We miss her very much.

We wish you all Peace, Health and Happiness in 2008 and a very Merry Christmas

Sincerely, The Lindsays, Mary, David and John

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