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Toronto's Architecture

Hello Everyone,
As I write this short newsletter it is 25 degrees Celsius in Ottawa and in late October. We have been blessed with a glorious fall and summer. This past weekend we went to Toronto to visit my sister and brother-in-law for the weekend. It really struck us how fortunate we are in our city. We love going for a visit to the "big city" but it is such hard work.
The traffic is heavy and constant, distances are vast and errands can take up the better part of the day. Parking to do the errands is an issue, line ups in the stores where the errands are performed is an issue. However walking around my sister's Moore Park neighbourhood is a delight. I love the Toronto architecture and their gardens are still fresh and colourful. People seem to even decorate their porches and walkways more for fall than we do here, but that is due to their slightly longer season.
We were struck by the number of new homes in the area, but you had to look hard to pick them out. They do a very good job of replicating the older existing styles and respecting the streetscape. On some streets we observed two or three new homes in a row but to quickly drive by you would not notice them. A visit to Toronto is always fun. We took the train this time and quite enjoyed watching the traffic on the 401 from the windows of VIA.
An issue we have had to deal with this past month involves The Electrical Safety Authority. Our listing had been substantially renovated and by professionals. The buyers requested a certificate on closing from The ESA. Neither our sellers nor I were concerned. We should have been. The seller had not obtained a permit for the electrical work and the inspector then demanded that dry wall be removed in order for him to see the wiring job. He didn't like the size of staples used on the wires and more dry wall had to come down. A financial holdback was necessary on closing and although the buyer moved in the seller must rectify the electrical problems. Our advice from now on is to obtain an electrical permit if you plan to change any wiring, you could require it quite possibly when you go to sell your house. We seem to go from one issue to another.
We enclose another good article regarding fall maintenance for your home. My Book Clubs are back for the season and our first read is A thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, a very good story about women in Afghanistan. In my other Book Club we are reading a book called "Lucy" the story of the "other woman" in Franklin Delano Roosevelt's life, also a good read. Let us know what good books you may have read recently.
Cheers till next month,
Mary Lindsay

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