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A Summer of House Renewal

Hi Everyone,
We have had a wonderful summer in Ottawa, long warm and sunny days. One very positive thing about living in Ottawa is the sunshine factor. We seem to get more than our share. New people to move here often comment on our bright blue, clear skies.
For David and me it was a summer of house renewal. New roof, new windows throughout, new boiler system (so small!!), new garage door, new side door, lots of new paint, new shutters and now that we are all finished we have contracted a fellow to start work to replace the knob and tube wiring still existing in our house. There still could be lots of things we could update but basically we have covered all the important areas. I canít wait to actually be able to see out our windows this winter. Sometimes the frost is so thick, pretty in a way, but not very economical. We have casement windows in our house and I love them but they really didnít all close very well. Funny when old things are replaced it is like discovering sliced bread!! We also got new hardware on our front door and I hadnít realized how hard the handle of the old was to open, until we got the new handle.
We bought our house about eleven years ago. It is situated in the neighbourhood where we brought up our kids for many years. I always say I would live in a tree house before I would move away. Most importantly we have a strong and wonderful community. Unfortunately we have had our share of people in need of community support with family illness and each and every time the people gather together to do whatever is needed. We have lovely old trees up and down our streets, we can walk to shops, restaurants, parks and this summer The Great Canadian Theatre opened a short walk away. We have a fine elementary school and a junior high. We have outdoor ice rinks in the winter. But we also have more than our share of asbestos, knob and tube wiring, old windows etc etc. Building inspections can be very tedious for buyers and sellers. The list just grows longer each year of things we should watch for in homes. We have just heard that in plaster walls there can be asbestos and if work is to be done opening up the plaster can be hazardous. Where will it stop? At some point I know that new home construction will also be targeted. The point is, if you love a neighbourhood and want the lifestyle of older areas please know that you will undoubtedly have work to do. If it is all done for you the house will probably be very expensive. The land value in these areas is very high.
Everyone seems pressed for time and that is quite legitimate. Women have been a part of the work force now for many many years. Men are also a great part of homecare and child rearing. But in most cases the ďhomeyĒ touch is still the task of the female. Often she is just too busy to cope with all the tasks of child care, job etc etc. to buy a house needing work, so heads for the burbs, reluctantly but practically. All is to say that was our primary motivation to do all the jobs we had done this summer. Not that we plan to move, we love our house and plan to stay for many more years. We will enjoy all the updating.
Our Team continues to have a banner year. John is on pace to surpass his personnel goals for this year, in his own right his sales have put him among the elite of Royal Lepage agents. He loves his job and it shows. Kelly is a bright spot in all our lives, and she works extremely well with our clients. We laugh a lot and work hard. We are blessed and very grateful.
Mary Lindsay

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