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New Beginnings…

Dear Friends,
Oh dear, it is the end of August already and we know what that means. Funny, I don't know about you but I love September and October, perhaps my favourite months. They spell new beginnings, just like January.
Nature is at its most beautiful in so many ways, its mellow, the air is good, fall flowers, apples, walks in the woods, new shoes, (although that can and does occur more often for some of us!) And again what does any of that have to do with real estate--well you might ask. However it reminds me of our seniors with whom we have the good fortune to work and they too are in the autumn of their life.

I love the generation of people who came through the war(s), the depression, went to church every Sunday, wore gloves even if it wasn't cold, were respectful, seemed to listen. And they are a delight to listen to. Our connection with Seniors is through the selling of their home and this is a difficult time for them and for their families. So many of their families don't live in the same city. We read of the sandwich generation and it is so true. The children of the seniors are often dealing with family issues in their own household and having to worry and plan for the next stage for their parents. We have all been there, or are there. So far there doesn't seem to be much guidance or help. I think we will see more assistance as the boomers age themselves and as people are living so much longer.
The Globe and Mail recently featured an article on this problem and referred to a website NASMM. This is an American site. I tried to find a comparable Canadian site but I think the best is to go to Public Health Agency of Canada's website and from there to Aging and Seniors. From this site you will find a number of excellent links. There is even a link for WidowNet.org. Another in particular to Ottawa is Ottawa.Seniors.com. Of course the obvious problem here is that many seniors are not computer comfortable, but it won't be many years before that isn't the issue. We have decided to put together for our Ottawa clients a list of services available. The initial problem is what to do with a lifetime of memorable items. With families often far away and not wanting any more stuff themselves it is hard. In our house I use Royal Crown Derby and sterling silver every day, and yes, I put it in the dishwasher and we do this because our kids don't want all this stuff and we love it and have been using it daily for years AND we haven't broken or chipped a piece. Remember our good shoes and party dress and church clothes, they never wore out and looking back, it seems silly to "save" stuff for "good". In our older clients homes there are many items that were saved for "Good" and now they go to auctions or wherever. I guess that is all part of the respect we admire so much. They respected and cared for their things. And now many of those things are a problem that must be dealt with.
Lest I ramble on about this I shall simply close by saying, enjoy your things now, get rid of those you don't use or start to use your good things now. Hope your summer has been healthy, happy and somewhat slower before we power up again. We have a good gardening article for late summer for you to enjoy.
Cheers Mary

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