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What To Do in the August Garden

August has a bitter sweet quality. It begins with the hottest weather of the summer where annuals at at their best, the vegetable garden is producing abundantly and the warmth of late evening air is laced with exotic fragrances. Then at the end of August, the temperature drops once again and there is dew on the morning grass and the feeling of fall is just around the corner.
In August, the garden seems to take care of it's self. Gardeners find the task of harvesting more demanding with the first tomatoes starting to ripen, cucumber and zuchinni needing picking everyday, pole beans are ready to eat, and cutting back rampant sqash runners.
Watering becomes very important until the rains begin again in the fall. Some years, dry weather can continue into October. If you are away during the summer and unless you can count on a neighbor or other family members to water for you (perhaps in exchange for fresh produce), you may need to consider installing a sprinkler system.
Garden highlights in August are hydrangeas, dahlias and marguerites. When these plants colors of blue, pink and white are combined, they make a stunning effect and often remain in bloom until the end of September. Herbs are bloom this month such as oregano, hyssop and bergamot which do attract honey & bumble bees as well as butterflies. The bees shouldn't bother you if you don't bother them.
Water gardens are at their peak in August. A water garden may sound like a luxury and a lot of work, but it's actually an invaluable addition to any garden and even the smallest water feature can create a feeling of peace and tranquility.
Source : RydersRanch.ca

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