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May is Moving Time

In Montreal May was the time when everyone moved. All over the city you would see all forms of vehicles carrying all sorts of goods from one dwelling to another. It was simply “That time of year”.
One reads in every article, book or document written on moving, that the stress level for moving is way up there on the list of life’s major stresses and emotional traumas.
I would agree based on personal experience. All of our clients move—that is what we are about in the real estate business-people moving from one residence to the other and hopefully we are there to provide support and counsel on not just which apartment or house to move to but to help provide counsel and support on the actual process of moving.
On the ongoing declutter program I thought I might pretend we are moving and see if I can go through the motions. For today 2007 I might begin by taking the digital camera around the house and take photos of all our goods. This is a good thing to do for insurance reasons too. Put the photos on a disc and store in a safe place. Well that wouldn’t be too onerous would it?
I actually did begin with the guest room as my Sister and Brother in law are coming for a visit and I HAD to do something about that room. Several bags have gone to the place in our neighbourhood where they gather used clothing. I collect boxes and so with 9 Grandchildren you can imagine I have a large number of boxes. I took one of the bigger ones I have (not given by a Grandchild, I can’t do that!) and then went through the den (that is as far as I have gone yet, plus the guest room) and I put knicky knackys in this box off shelves and table tops etc. Now don’t ask me what I will do with these things, maybe a garage sale. Garage sales are great when you are moving or just decluttering, but make sure you don’t go and buy more stuff. That’s what I am apt to do.
When David and I have moved, and we have often, we put unwanted items on the curb and then wait—it never takes more than 24 hours for someone to pick up the stuff. Usually it goes in the night .We actually do this even if we are not moving.
The kitchen is a big one. I can’t tell you when I last made a bundt cake, or muffins, or cookies but we all seem to keep all those tins etc just in case. But do you really need two or three of all those things? Those are good items to take to the Good Will. Food is another interesting one. In our early years of Bell transfers I would find that the same lime Jell-O had been moved two times. Go though your cupboards and check expiry dates. How old are the spices and all those other items lurking in the cupboards. Please understand that I know some of you will be raising your eyebrows at all of this because many of you wouldn’t dream of keeping things beyond expiry or into the next decade, but some of us do!! I recall unpacking and finding empty bottles and jars, last week’s London Free Press or Gazette or wherever we had come from, old Time magazines. Get rid of all of that before you pack. Now I give old magazines to Dr Friends for their offices.
We all know that somewhere in our home are all the “important” papers we need at some point. Insurance documents, surveys, birth certificates, passports etc.. When you move is a good time to not only gather these items but make photo copies and secure in one place .If you haven’t done that already, moving or not, good to do..
Assure that you have all of the phone numbers recorded and with you that you are apt to need over the next days. Pack your prescription drugs separately if you have an asthmatic in the family and even if it isn’t their season for trouble, take that with you. Don’t let the movers pack that stuff; it could be days finding it. If you are moving with children pack a suitcase as you would for travel, even if you are just moving across town. It all looks organized as those boxes get packed and labelled to go to the right room etc, but believe me a favourite blanket can get misplaced.
I could go on and on about the act of moving households. Suffice to say it is emotionally and physically daunting to say the least. For those of us not moving we could pretend a few times a year that we are to help us keep organized. My Sister and I were so lucky with our Mom. She never kept anything she didn’t need or use. She was always like that and I am not at all the same. She was unusual for her generation. Often in older person’s homes we find kitchen drawers with all kinds of string, empty jars, twist ties, plastic containers and on and on. We recently sold a home for an estate and the niece told us her Aunt would turn off the hot water unless someone was visiting. I remarked that it was a shame to have all that equity in a home and live in such a conservative way. I suggested that she probably had no idea of her net worth as a result of the house sale. The niece informed me that they found she had a lot of money in several accounts, and yet she lived without hot water. We have come along way and not to suggest that we live like that but there is much to be learned from that generation.
Well to all you movers out there all the best with your spring/summer move and to all of us not moving may we pretend for a few moments we might be. If you have any questions regarding your move or any other real estate questions please call us. We have lovely new lady working on our team Kelly Williams and she is off to a great start and a pleasure to work with—so now we have John Lindsay, David Lindsay and Kelly and still,”yours truly”---Mary Lindsay

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