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Refresh Your Home for Spring

You don't need a calendar to know when it is early spring. You need only note the lengthening day, catch a whiff of warm air, and spot the first shoots of green poking up through the barren ground. It's a perfect time to get rid of winter mustiness, eliminate clutter, and prepare your home for the new season.
Spring is the seasonal palette cleanser. Its colors are youthful, like the pink blush of camellia blossoms or the fresh green of grass. The deep colors of fall and winter give way to the subtle pastels of new life in the garden, like an arrangement of greens and pale tulips or lilies. These early blooms are a reminder of the vivacious colors to come. A bowl of delicately hued eggshells perfectly suits the mood of spring's revival.
When we pull up a rug to expose bare floor, the results embolden us to eliminate the drapes to reveal the bold geometry of the windowpanes and bask in the brighter light. Simply changing an area rug to a lighter color or putting up a wall hanging inspired by the season can have a dramatic impact.
A trip to the local nursery yields potted bacopa, moss ferns, and boxwood – tucked into vintage pots or metal trays, they reinforce the feeling of promise embodied by spring. Organic topiaries help bring the outdoors inside - that flow between inside and out is an essential strategy for taking full advantage of seasonal spring décor. So, too is the use of lighter colors, like the blond hues of the Spaulted Tamarind Bowl and Platter or the brilliant white porcelain of the Aviary Collection.
Changing dark furniture to light may not be a practical option, yet it is possible to convey the spirit of spring by simply changing tableware and floral decorations. Woven grass placemats, paired with layers of vibrant, colored recycled glass plates that seem to capture sunlight, deliver the vibrancy of springtime to the dinner table, brightening any meal. Laurel leaves scattered on the table with tuberose heads bring the garden's aromatherapy to this tableau.
Spring is the time to air out the bedroom and replace heavy winter quilts with lightweight bedding. Linen is a good option, with an elegant, tight weave and a cool feel against the skin. Wild silk offers a comfortable alternative and no material feels as soft and welcoming.
In times past, when so much of daily life revolved around growing and gathering food, people were much more attuned to the seasons. Today, we barely take note of the longest day of the year. Yet we still respond to the ancient cycles of light and dark. Taking time to recognize the year's turning points brings a sense of connection to the Earth's reassuring predictability.
Source : VivaTerra.com

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