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How to use efficiently your dining room area

Hi Everyone,
You can feel Spring in the air, is there a better feeling? The days are noticeably longer. I love this time of year, so much to look forward to. I don't think I would be happy without the seasons. I like change, but that doesn't mean that I always adapt easily to it.
I was showing a newish townhome this week. A single man lives there. The square footage would have been about 1700 sq ft. The living room wasnít very large. The dining room a good size. The whole main floor open concept. The kitchen was lovely and open to a fine space he used as an eating area. Also in the kitchen there was a granite eating counter with stools. The dining room was nicely furnished with fine dining room furniture. When I show a house I quietly think how I could use the spaces. There must be a few nice areas in which to comfortably read. Eating is somewhat important obviously, but often David and I have dinner in front of the fireplace, dinner tray in front. We even eat our breakfast that way while we read the Globe and The Citizen. This brings me to the set up of three eating areas in a relatively small space. I am quite sure the fellow in the townhouse just hadnít thought it out. But probably for several years he lived in a house where there was a need for more formal dining, as well as family dining sitting around the table style. We do that when we have friends for dinner and the family for ďSundayĒ dinner, provided they don't all come at once, and then it is buffet.
Have a look at how your spaces are being used. I find that some people are multi purposing the use of a dining room to become a library or a reading homework space. Perhaps your table could be placed along a wall and pulled out to the centre of the room when needed. The dining room occupies prime real estate space in many homes and is very underused. If you are fortunate to have an eating counter maybe you can use the eating area of the kitchen in another way, home office maybe? All is to say we donít always adapt to the changes in society as per our living spaces and their uses. I often think back to the three bedroom, no family room home in which I grew up. My friends were always welcome and they loved coming to our house. It was always in order and there was no clutter! I canít figure out how all of that was possible!
How is the market this spring? That is a very common question we get asked. I find it hard to answer. Each year things are a little different and that is what keeps it interesting. Interest rates seem to be holding low and steady. Employment seems to be healthy. And yet over 500 k is quite sluggish. There is a shortage of good homes on the market under 500 k and so they move very quickly if they present well, and that is a big IF. The market continues to be hard on houses requiring work and for a good reason, people have little spare time to deal with renovations and the time involved planning for such. If you live outside Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto you will raise your eyebrows at the over 500 k mark. Each location is different depending on supply and demand and on the value of the land and the services. But I think we will have a good healthy spring market. It is interesting it depends on which part of the city you talk about too. When the suburbs are busy, often the city is quiet and vice versa. Not sure why that is.
I would like to thank all of you for your business this year and for your referral of our names to friends and family. I was again the recipient of the Diamond award, the top 3% in Canada and the Lifetime Award of Excellence. I like that award. It reflects consistent top achievement over many many years (23 for me). I love my job and feel very blessed. It has only become more fun and more rewarding with David and now John working with us. John is a natural and it is wonderful to see him so happy and doing so well also. We are very grateful.
We look forward to your emails and comments and your queries if we can help in any real estate way.
Bye for now, Mary Lindsay

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