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Great Tips in Time for Back to School

Hi Everyone,
It is hard to believe that we are in the last days of summer holidays. I wonder if the kids find the warm sunny days pass as quickly as we find they do. Somehow I think not. Yesterday I went with two of our granddaughters for our annual back to school shopping.
Even though it is a privilege and fun, it is exhausting. Heather and Abi are 11 and 9 and have very preset ideas of what will be worn and what won't.
The experience reminded me of the new tunic, new plaid skirt, new white blouse or two, new cardigan sweater--probably knit by my Mother, new oxfords and that would be it for me for the school year. Which leads me to closet size. We sell in older established neighbourhoods of Ottawa for the most part. The closets are miniscule. It is so hard for someone coming from a suburban home with walk in closets etc etc, who wants the walkable neighbourhoods and ambience of the city streets to make the change when they see the closets we offer, for considerably more money.
Now all this brings us back to clutter control and closet organization. I am sure many of you are into that now, reorganizing summer and winter clothing. Fortunately there are many aids in the home stores to assist with organization. Also online there are many good articles about re organization. I recently converted a linen closet to hold sweaters, purses etc etc. Back in the days, when a linen closet required so much room, remember that we didn't have washers and dryers. On top of that you really don't need as many sheet sets and towels, and if you do have a lot in the linen closet, are these items really all in use?
Also one day this summer I found myself thinking what a waste of good liveable space the dining room is, for the most part. It possibly is used as a dining room two or three times a month and yet it is a prime location in the home. I am not suggesting to rid your home of the dining room, but perhaps its use could be expanded. We have one corner relegated to our music system. We had built-ins installed with shelves above and pull out drawers for the CDs. The space was wasted before--had that extra dining room chair in the corner. I balanced that with shelves in the other corner as well. Bookshelves could be built in to dining room wall space over and on either side of doorways. Are the French doors really needed? If removed they free up that little bit of wall space that could house shelving.
Perhaps where the dining room was once one of the most important centres for gathering, a new room has been added that is very important today. That is the home office. If a person is seriously working from home, the room should be equipped with the proper work furniture to ensure comfort and efficiency. This is a space unheard of in homes of not so long ago. Another new type of room is the media room. We see some wonderfully creative spaces for home theatre on our daily travels. Usually this room is in place of the basement rec room and gets a lot more use than the standard rec room of long ago. When a parent stayed home and minded the children all day an outing to the movies was exciting, but now an evening at home can be exciting to. Social changes necessitate adaptations to our homes all the time, some are of no interest to us and some make sense.
John has been a great addition to our little team. He brings young fresh energy and ideas. He loves his new career. I always thought John would be an asset to real estate and he is. We had a new series of photos to include John and he arrived with 3 Red Sox ball caps. "What are we doing with those?" I asked. "Now listen Mary, he said, we could wear these and say, we play hard ball"--well I said there was no way on this earth I was wearing a baseball hat! I did and the pictures are pretty good if I say so myself. Me with pearls and a Red Sox hat!!!
Enjoy September, my favourite month. We look forward to hearing from you. Our website is being renewed very soon again, to include John. We have a new domain name as well The Lindsays.ca (and to think I thought I had nothing to say this month!)
To more warm sunny days,
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