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Where did the Summer Go?

Hi everyone,
I wonder if you feel as I do: “where did the summer go”? It was a sunny glorious time, but all too short. I just don’t think it is possible to experience summer the way we did when we were kids.
Lazy, long sunny days - the Saturday feeling all summer long. Silly me, every year going into summer I think that is the way it will be, and it isn’t. I guess it is that feeling of, “Yea nothing to do for a couple of months” - that’s what doesn’t happen anymore…
Once, for two years, we lived in a country with only one season-summer. The novelty wore off very quickly. I realized that it wasn’t just wardrobe that we are accustomed to changing with the seasons, but activities, even friends due to the activities, or due to a seasonal home. Many people change slipcovers, bedcovers, rearrange furniture all in preparation for the new season. We eat differently and we certainly spend a lot more time indoors.
We must also make preparations for winter in our homes. Winter is the season hardest on houses. Good time to have the furnace serviced, clean and change the filters, maybe have the duct work cleaned before you start blowing air throughout your home, bleed the radiators if you have hot water heat. Make sure the screens are off and the windows sealed, perhaps put weather stripping around the doors. Don’t forget to turn off outside taps and drain the hoses. Before putting away the garden furniture good to wash it and the decks too.
When you store your summer clothes and bring out the winter be very sure that each item you bring out, or you store, is something you really want-if not, give it away. Do the same with bedding no longer in use, winter hats, mitts, coats, scarves and boots, these can so be used by others.
Cheers Mary, David and John Lindsay

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