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The house we grew up in…

Hi everyone,
My Mother lived in Peterborough and was a remarkable and healthy 99 year old. All that changed early in September and she passed away October 15th. My strongest emotion is one of immense gratitude for the life she lived and the relationship we shared, but I do miss her so much.
My parents each grew up in the one house in which their parents lived, lived briefly in an apartment and then bought their own house in 1936. My Mother sold our family home in 2000 and moved to a Retirement Home. She adapted well to that, because she was an adaptable, practical person. When I would go to Peterborough I would want to drive down Homewood Avenue (really really slowly) but Mom didn’t want to, it was too painful for her and for me it was sad but a reminder of the wonderful place we called Home for so many years.
Ours was the kind of home where everyone loved to come and long after my Sister and I moved away our friends would still go to visit. Our parents were so welcoming that we have a favourite family story. Mom and I were returning from an outing one time in the fifties and noticed a strange car in our drive. We went in and my Dad was serving tea to a nice couple in the living room. I asked mom who they were and she said she had no idea. So politely Mom and I sat and visited also. Soon the couple left and thanked my dad for the tea etc. Mom said, “Hip (his nickname) you were rude not to introduce Mary and me to your friends”, “What?” he asked, “You don’t know them? I don’t know them either; I thought they were your friends”.
When Mom moved, after Dad died I didn’t think much one way or the other about the Retirement Home until she got sick. It certainly wasn’t Home, and yet I discovered it was. It was Home because Mom was there and when she was sick I was surrounded with as much love and care as I would have been on Homewood Avenue, because she had made a place for herself there just as she had before, and we were part of that place. I realized that home is intangible and house is tangible.
What does any of this have to do with real estate? Quite a bit really. We sell houses, we don’t sell your home. We ask you to stop thinking of your house as home and think of it as an investment and you want to maximize that investment. For most people their house is their single greatest investment. In that order we will advise you how to present and prepare your house to its greatest potential.
I include an article with this newsletter advising you how to decorate for the holidays if your house is currently listed For Sale. Less is best, but the article suggests maybe you don’t decorate for Christmas if you are for sale-I don’t agree. If you celebrate Christmas you decorate as you would, but maybe a little less clutter than usual. Family times are important and the market can allow you ten days of the usual Christmas festivities in my book.
The Lindsays wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah.

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