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New Year’s resolutions for your home

Hi Everyone,
It's a new year - funny how that change from December 31st to January 1st brings new energy, hope, optimism and a resolve to try harder and do a little bit better - at everything.
When I used to smoke, it was easy to come up with a resolution for the New Year. It took a few tries but in 1983 I was successful. Since then, I always resolve to lose 10 pounds, be more fiscally prudent, and always I resolve to be a better listener - all of those resolutions should carry me through. I have mastered none at this point - but then it is a new year!
David and I have slated a new roof (no pun intended) and new windows for our house this year. Every year we attempt to do one or two home maintenance repairs or upgrades. These are two big ones. Our windows are very pretty but with this cold snap we can't even see outside on most of them for the ice - not good!
Rather than me going into the whole maintenance issue, we include with this newsletter an article, some of which for sure you will find helpful. It is good to have an annual plan and once you get started each year repairing or replacing, it will be a pleasure, and not too onerous, to discover you have a continually well-maintained house.
It is heartbreaking to visit an otherwise lovely home, well loved but poorly maintained and therefore of less value than it should be. The usual excuse is that it was too expensive, or we were too busy, or we didn’t find “it” a problem. But the problem is, the new buyer will find it a problem and will either outright dismiss or devalue your property.
We find that “Time” is a very valuable commodity to today’s buyers. Home renovations just aren’t on their screen at all. It takes time for them to sit with contractors, or hire people to remove wallpaper let alone remove it themselves. And they aren’t kidding, they are very busy. The workdays are long and most households have two workers and children to be cared for. It sounds cliché to say “It is a different world” but it is and we must accept that. So perhaps this year if you don’t already have an annual maintenance plan for your home you could set one up. In the long run you will be happier and your investment will have greater value - so it is a win-win situation. It is not an anomaly that houses in “mint condition” sell faster and for higher prices.
We love to hear from you. John has taken to real estate like a duck to water. It is a pleasure working with him and fun too. David and I took a jaunt to Las Vegas last week. It was fun to see and there are lots to see but I doubt we will go again, once was enough. We went to Cirque de Soleil “O” it was amazing. Look forward to your referrals of friends or family or maybe you if you are considering a move - call The Lindsays.

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